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Natural Skin Care

with patented cell protection formula



Day Cream

The Day Cream delightfully nourishes the skin and provides an effective screen between the skin and the outside world throughout the day.


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Night Cream

The Night Cream consists of harmoniously composed essences made from mallow extract and flower water of the Mediterranean immortelle that support skin regeneration at night.


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Gentle foaming 
Cleansing Cream

The foaming Cleansing Cream smoothly removes make-up and impurities and can be used on normal and severely stressed skin.


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The refreshing moisturizing serum soothes and invigorates tired and stressed skin. The fine serum is absorbed quickly and immediately softens the features and leaves a satin glow on the skin.


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Active Ingredient


TAMALINE® helps the urban stressed skin to relax it eases and revitalizes like a weekend in the countryside.

TAMALINE® is the patented strawberry root extract of the plant „Mara des Bois“ with a very high content of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC).
These natural agents, also called “polyphenols“, are known for their strong antioxidant effects. 


- An ideal phyto-chemical profile 
- Natural antioxidants of highest quality and purity
- Particularly careful extraction procedure to maintain the extract’s properties
- All Tamalys® Skin Care products contain Tamaline.


- protects the skin against antioxidant stresses
- anti-inflammatory and soothing properties
- stabilizing effects on the connective tissue
- prevents premature aging of the skin

68% Reduction

of free radicals

Scientific research has shown that environmental influences such as UV radiation significantly increase the amount of free radicals in skin cells. The study confirms that even small amounts of TAMALINE® already achieve a significant reduction of free radicals within the skin cells.

The result is: smoothed wrinkles, optimal regeneration of the cells and a radiant complexion.

Laboratory Greenpharma (Orléans), specialized in vegetal research.

125 Years

The story of Tamalys begins on the estate of the family Marionnet 125 years ago in Sologne at the heart of France. In this landscape among ponds and lakes, where animals and plants can still live and grow in a nature untouched is where the young Alexandre Marionnet begins his cultivation of wine, asparagus and strawberries. 

Family Business

All four generations following him have shared his passion for these plants and have cultivated them carefully and respectfully. The soil that is organically farmed and completely unpolluted produces plants of extraordinary quality with precious ingredients. 

The Discovery

Alexandre’s son, André Marionnet, successfully cultivates a particularly robust and aromatic variety of the strawberry after many years and thousands of breeding series: the well-known and prizewinning „Mara des Bois“. To reveal the secret of the remarkable power of resilience of the plant, he founds a research station and cooperates with scientific laboratories.

Bio-active Ingredients

With the help of researchers and dermatologists, the Marionnets discover that there is a real treasure hidden in the roots of their strawberry plant:

Its cells are bursting with highly-concentrated bioactive ingredients which then become the basis of a unique skin care.


  • Day Cream
  • Night Cream
  • Foaming Cleansing Cream
  • Vitalizing Serum

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